Water Treatment Services

AWC provides an experienced team of technical support specialists, available at all times, to assist AWC field account managers and customers. Technical assistance is available in all areas of water treatment, including, but not limited to:


Pretreatment equipment selection and sizing calculations


Boiler and cooling system operations and equipment troubleshooting


Wastewater treatment systems


Chemical treatment product selection and product feed calculations


Chemical control, product feed and control system instrumentation


Field training and operator seminars on all aspects of water treatment


Comprehensive assistance to all of our field sales representatives and customers

Boiler Water Treatment

Power industry has many needs, including service that stays up with current technologies.  AWC is your company–with our vast array of lab services, equipment, and chemical offerings, we can handle your needs.

AWC will be present during boiler inspections to ensure our chemistry program is being optimized.  We sample deposits and check for corrosion to boiler internals.

General industries can look forward to our vast knowledge in the water treatment industry.  We have been treating fire tube boilers for more than 20 years.  We offer equipment, green solutions, chemical solutions, including pretreatment options, such as softeners, reverse osmosis, deionized water, iron removal, UV light, and more.

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling water requires diligent service because of the contaminants that come in contact with the water due to cooling tower or evaporative condensers being outside.

AWC has the products to effectively treat those crucial systems:

• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Scale Inhibitors
• Proprietary Blends
• Oxidizing Biocides
• Closed System inhibitors
• Descalants and Bio-Dispersants
• FDA-Approved Products


We offer a full line of equipment from pretreatment, boiler applications, and cooling water applications.

• AWC’s ChemSense Real Time control for Cooling Water Applications
• Chemical Pumps
• Softners, RO, Dmin, DI and much more
• Networking of Equipment
• Testing Equipment
• LEED Certified Non Chemcial Approach to Cooling Water Applications
• Filters and Housings


You need to solve today’s problems and plan for future challenges and opportunities. With AWC’s Research capabilities, you have access to even more comprehensive solutions and technical expertise. Tap into our intellectual capital and extensive state-of-the-art industry knowledge. We can help you with process simulations and introduce you to cutting-edge tools.

Lab Analysis

Water treatment is a science. Results depend on accuracy, in both the diagnosis of problems and the application of solutions. That’s why we maintain our certified laboratory to ensure that your water treatment program is based on precise analyses of your water chemistry and the condition of your equipment.

Using the most advanced analytical instrumentation, our experienced lab professionals are able to conduct a full range of water, deposit, microbiological, resin, and corrosion analysis. Their findings enable diagnosis of what is needed and enable your account manager to deliver a precision treatment program customized for your facilities.

ChemSense – Real-Time Inhibitor Control

AWC’s ChemSense is a compact sensor designed for monitoring and real time control of AWC’s cooling water formulas, including closed loop formulas and pretreatment chemicals in industrial water systems.  It installs directly into industrial process streams. ChemSense is a rugged, 24/7 sampling devise that provides maximum performance, minimal maintenance, and solid-state reliability.

The Next Step

We have representative across the United States, and are able to be at your site whenever you need us. We have over 25 years of water treatment of experience, are family-owned and -operated, and are committed to water quality excellence.